The Joys of Living Abundantly


At Abundant Living Tiny Homes and Aquaponics we are all about creating "Intentional Communities". Our vision is for people to live a life full of abundance and freedom while impacting our environment minimally. We are capable of designing and building alternative homes and food systems for individuals, families and full-scale communities.


Using the knowledge and experience gained in the construction industry for over

30 years, the team at Abundant Living crafts our tiny homes and greenhouses with you,

in-house, to design a unique living space that fits your lifestyle. We construct using reclaimed, reused and eco-friendly materials and uses green energy solutions to create a low impact home as you shift to your new more free lifestyle. Whether it is a tiny house on wheels or one more permanent, we create homes transformable for all of life's moments.

Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole
The Jetson
The Jetson
Custom Greenhouses
Abundant Living Provides

Alternative Home Construction  // Tiny House on Wheels // Trailers // Container Homes

Additional Dwelling Units  // Custom Greenhouses  // Interactive and Educational Building

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