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Are you an artist that needs extra space to create? An outdoors man who needs space for their gear? A traveler who wants to take their home with them? Abundant Living designs with the homeowner on site, and in our lab and mechanical shop, to ensure that each home fits who you are as an individual.

Every life is unique. Your Home should be too

Transformable for life's changes

It is important to have a space that can fulfill all the different combinations of activities and people that you will have in your home. Abundant Living focuses on creating tiny spaces that can transform to accommodate any situation: a space to create, a space to play and a space to sleep. Our homes are created to be convertible so you can open up your space for  visiting family and friends. Abunant Living will create a home that can fulfill all of life's different moments. 

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Live Efficiently, Comfortably

The Tiny Lifestyle allows you to live more freely while you reduce your impact on the environment around you. Simplicity brings clarity to your space, mind and life. Abundant Living makes homes that use the abundance of nature to give you a quality place to live that you feel home in.

Simple & Free is Good to be!

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