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The 111 House

The Jackson hole

Our current project "The Jackson Hole" is being created in Littleton, Colorado where our intentional community has been created out of the friendships and needs of all involved. This prototype tiny home has been created from a childrens' playhouse.

The process began with analyzing the current structure and creating blueprints that would fit in the same space. The vision of the project was to create a beautiful modern smart home that reflected the old Colorado beauty of Littleton. After the blueprints were finalized, we tore down most of the original building while salvaging as much of the original structure as possible.

Then the reconstruction began on site and in the shop. Using materials from the original building and reclaimed materials from old fences, barns and buildings around town the team created a new beautiful home that will reflect the history of the area.

Creating from a structure that already existed led to the creation of a micro house with exactly 111 sq feet on the main floor.

The homes is constructed indoors to be multifunctional with transformable furniture. Its also a smart home hooked up to Google with voice activated lights and outlets. Installed with a compost toilet, European bath. The kitchen includes all the standard modern amenities in an up-cycled 1940's all in one kitchen. Combining the old and the new to maximize the space inside. 

Jackson Hole.jpg
From Playhouse
To Tiny Luxury

Simple & Free is Good to be!

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